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    a craniosynostosis Foundation.

    A Registered 501c3 Non-profit orginization

    Help a Child's Family through these tough times with your Contribution today. 

    Changing the Craniofacial World. One family at a time.

    Gracie's House is the first all-Craniofacial medical housing option.   When your Child is faced with a Craniofacial Condition it can change your world. many of these Children now face upwards of 50 surgical procedures or more. Gracie's House will Reduce the Burden on these families by providing them Completely free lodging, Food, and support.

     We believe that no family should have to worry about a roof, utilities, or food when they are fighting for their children.

    We have officially Started the build the Seattle house campaign. get your bricks now. your contribution will Help build this much needed house. 

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    Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and make Gracie's House a reality.

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    Building the House

       Gracie's house is excited to build the first all craniofacial medical housing option for craniofacial families.   We will be building our first house in Seattle, Followed by houses in  Dallas, Boston, Milwaukee, and New York. we will add additional locations as we grow.

    Craniofacial Awareness

    Gracie's house is a Non profit charity dedicated to bringing Craniosynostosis awareness  to the public. through marketing,outreach, and education.

    Family Support

    Gracie's House will Assist where it can with not only lodging, but Medical Transportation, Advocacy, and other Supportive Services. 

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